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Chelsea M Forster; B.Mus.

7646 Arthur Avenue

Burnaby BC Canada









Chelsea Forster is a graduate of the UBC School of music with a bachelors in Music Composition. She has almost twenty years of musical experience in piano, composition, and voice. Her artistic prowess spreads to the theatre as well, having active involvement in Musical Theatre instruction and performance. She is excited to pursue her Masters and DMA in Music Composition.


Her musical career started in private music lessons and musical theatre involvement. Since then she has has studied voice, piano, saxophone, guitar, and percussion. At age ten she began pursuing a Composition Career and began entering a series of festivals and competitions for both performance and composition. She has won multiple awards at the Kiwanis Music Festival, North Frasier Festival, Canada Music Fest, and many others. At age thirteen she began teaching private music lesson in Theory, Piano, and Voice, as well as acting as the teachers assistant at Gleneagle Secondary School.

During this time she conducted ensembles at venues such as the Orpheum and was published with with Mayfair Music Publishing and Canadian Conservatory. After highschool she chose to begin her post secondary career at Vancouver Community College, and moved on to UBC in her third year. She has now studied privetly with Anne Burman, David Duke, David Branter, Keith Hamel and Dorothy Chang. Her pieces have been performed at the Sonic Book Festival and by Madrigal Singers, UBC Orchestra, and many other artists. She owes her success to the talented artists before her who inspired her to reach for the sky and keep going.

She is currently a private instructor of Piano, Voice, Composition, and Theory and a Voice instructor at Smash Theatre School. Her band Out of the Black is performing locally in Vancouver, BC.



    What's Going On?    

Mobile to your home, Chelsea Forster teaches piano, voice, composition and theory. More information ahead!

Chelsea continues to write music and is always looking for a new project to get a hold of. To see her composition portfolio see ahead!

Situated in Burnaby BC, Out of the Black strives to pave the way for people to survive the darkness. Come check out our music!